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Please get us out of here, plead Sarawakians in Cambodian jail


KUCHING: “Mummy please don’t worry about me, I am okay here. There are friends looking after me here. I will go back, but please wait. Sorry mummy, I have made mummy worried. I work to earn an income for our family. Sorry mummy, for making mummy disappointed. I love u so much. Please look after your health mummy, I am okay here. I love u so much mummy. I am safe here. That’s all mummy”.

The above note was written by Brenda Welltinnie Winston in a 64-word message dated Jan 22 written on the Malaysian Embassy in Phnom Penh detention information form which was sighted by The Borneo Post. The 21-year-old was among the 47 Malaysians currently being held in a Cambodian provincial jail for alleged involvement in illegal online gambling. Out of the 47 Malaysians, 44 of them are from Sarawak.

Their plight was highlighted by Julau MP Larry Sng, who said these victims, aged between 18 and 20, were promised high-paying jobs before they were brought to Cambodia last year.

Brenda said that she was searching for a job to help earn an income for her family but ended up being cheated and detained in a foreign land.

She also told her mother, who resides in Jalan Matang, here not to worry about her well-being because her friends are looking after her.

Instead of worrying about herself, Brenda urged her mother to look after herself and repeatedly apologised to her mother.

Meanwhile, Abdul Mustaqqim Abdul Karim from Jalan Mataim, of Kampung Bandarsah who was arrested together with Brenda on Dec 11, last year appealed to his parents not to be overly worried.

“Mummy, this is Akim. I am now in a Cambodian jail. I have been here for almost two months. Please look after yourself, do not skip meals. Please tell daddy, if possible, to make arrangement to get me out of here. The embassy (officers) have met us. People are making arrangements too. Look after yourself mummy. God willing I will be out.”

In another note from Ahasius Peter from Kampung Sagah off Sungai Moyan, Matang addressed to his brother, Ahasius Peter appealed to his family to be calm and to told his mother not to worry about him.

“Don’t worry about me, I am okay here. I was scammed. Now I am in abCambodian jail. Tell mother not to worry. I am okay here. I may be out of here soon. Still waiting for a decision from the embassy,” noted Ahasius.

Grevina Golip, 23 from Desa Wira Batu Kawah wrote to her father Golip Gindip: “I love you so much. I miss you.”

Chong Jun Khang, 27 also from Batu Kawah wrote to her sister, Mei Lan, “I am fine. I don’t know whether I can go home for Lunar New Year. No need to wait for me. After new year, I will be back. No need to worry. I am fine. I should be able to go back. Embassy (Malaysian Embassy in Cambodia) is helping us.”

Ho Boon Thy, 30 wrote to his best friend, Alan Lam: “Help me to tell my family not to worry. Maybe I cannot go back during new year. Thanks.”

Ahmad Zakwan Mohamed Yunus from Kampung Telaga Air, Matang also asked his family members not to worry about him because the Malaysian Embassy officials have visited and negotiated for them to be released.

“Greetings, sorry for not contacting, I am fine in Cambodia. But we were arrested, now we are in a Cambodian jail. Do not worry because the Malaysian Embassy officers are trying to negotiate. Okay, I love you father and mother.”

Twenty-two-year old Aron Naldy Muhammad Ling Abdullah told his father not to worry about him and assured his family that he may be returning home soon.

Augustine Uka Luya, 27, from Kampung Karu, Jalan Puncak Borneo, Padawan told his family members that he was cheated by people who promised him job when there was none and begged for his family’s forgiveness and informed them that he regretted his actions.

Augustine also told his family that he is in good condition and Malaysian authorities were helping them in the Cambodian jail.

“Don’t worry. I am okay here in Cambodia. Don’t think too much, I am fine. I was cheated by Cambodian people who promised us a job, but there was no job. Malaysian police are helping us. I regret my actions and I am asking for your forgiveness.”

In a heart-rending note from 23-year-old Edwin Badindang Joseph from Taman BDC, here which was addressed to his mother and fiance, he expressed his regret for seeking for job opportunities overseas.

He appealed to his mother and fiance to pray for him but not to worry too much.

“Mum, my love, I regret coming here, I am healthy here and please pray hard for me, okay. Just wait for my return. I am in a Cambodian jail now, hope you people will always pray for me. Don’t worry and please wait for my return”

Sng yesterday said that these 47 young Malaysians are from poor families who are victims of a human-trafficking scam and are being held in a Cambodian provincial jail without trial and the Malaysian Embassy in Cambodia was not informed.

“Most of them are young, aged around 18 to 20 years, and were promised high-paying jobs by scammers in exchange for a few hundred US dollars,” he told a press conference at a leading hotel here.

Those who have been detained have been revealed as Abdul Mustaqim Abdul Karim (Male, 24), Ahasius Peter (M, 26), Ahmad Zakwan Mohamed Yunus (M, 26), Aron Naidy Muhammad Ting Abdullah (M, 22), Augustine Uka Luya (M, 27), Belly Adithia Raisim (M, 22), Brenda Weltinnie Winston (F, 21), Chang Ying Shiong (M, 25), Chin Kok Siong (M, 34), Chong Jun Khong (M, 27), Chong Su Kyun (M, 37), Dixon Chong Yew Yui (M, 30), Elwyn Badindang Joseph (M, 23), Eviana Nazreen Sadin (F, 20), and Ezuan Ling Alias (M, 26).

Others include Gibson Golip (M, 22), Grevina Golip (F, 23), Ho Boon Thy (M, 30), Hong Yee Cai (M, 22), Jeffrydean Jude (M, 19), Jong Chance Full (M, 25), Krisyanto A. Ajiu (M, 28), Lai King Loong (M, 31), Lai Wen Siang (M, 36), Lam Sang Kiong (M, 36), Margerat Muna Anyut (F, 26), Mark Rogers William Nun (M, 24), Michelle Rinta Winston Ngulang (F, 23), Mohamad Zaki Harjami (M, 21), Muhamad Nur Iqhwan Tejudin (M, 24), and Muhammad Daud Sharuddin (M, 24).

The rest of the detainees are Ng Chun Fei (M, 30), Ng Shing Long (M, 27), Nur Husna Muhammad Ali (F, 21), Nur Mardiana Mohamad Hamzah (F, 25), Nur Mohammad Arif Bokhari (M, 23), Nur Ridwana Syahzani Hamddie (F, 21), Philipe Ho Chee Chen (M, 25), Ramlie Chuna Majit (M, 35), Ramuna Louita (M, 21), Shahril Md Ali (M, 25), Teo Eng Moh (M, 44), Vernandas James (M, 22), Wong Chung Hung (M, 25), Yap Yu Xiang (M, 25), Yeam Yoke Foong (F, 26) and Yusuf Islam Abdul Halik (M, 21).

Below are a few more messages from a few of those detained to their family:



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