Friday, April 26

Why students should start their own business


WITH assignments and exams piling up, students may be wondering, “Is now the best time to start my own business?”

Life as a university student is always hectic but it can also be the best time to begin a start-up as long as you put your heart into it.

Balancing life as a student and an entrepreneur may not be easy; nevertheless, here are some reasons why students should start their own business while studying.

You have nothing to lose

Now is the best time to start because you have very little to lose as you only have a few commitments in your life.

At campus, you are also fortunate to have time and facilities such as Internet connection, the library, and advice from lecturers to help you start.

Such timing matters because if you start working or run a business after graduation, you will realise that the risks are bigger as you will have more obligations such as repaying student loans and supporting your family.

You already have customer resources

When you begin a start-up, you will need to test your ideas or products repeatedly to see if they are appealing to customers.

In this case, when you establish your business during your studies, your fellow classmates can be your best source of potential customers.

As they are around you, they are also the best marketing tool to expand your customer base.

You will learn something new

There are limited things that you can learn from the classroom, which makes a start-up a great place to apply what you’ve learned to the real world.

However, there is also a possibility that you may not succeed. Still, you can always start again by applying your knowledge and experience, as well as avoiding the mistakes you’ve made before.

You are already building your own career

With the time and effort you have invested in your start-up, you are already building your career as an entrepreneur.

By then, you would have accumulated an impressive set of skills such as marketing, financial management, organising, and interpersonal.

Even if you choose to work for a company after graduation, you would have succeeded in building an outstanding resume for yourself.

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