Monday, April 22

Stage transformed in blink of an eye …


The main attraction at Sanyan Romance Park, the QianguqingGrantheater will never cease to amaze spectators with its immersive performances.

USHERED into a fully-packed theatre of a few hundred odd people, I had little idea what was in store for me.

But before I could even begin to guess, the show had started and the theatre was filled with a melancholic narration of an old Chinese fairytale of love between a fairy and a man.

Setting a base, production quickly ramped up from there, inviting its audience to scene after scene of merry dancing, singing and acrobatics from tribal warriors and water nymphs.

But the cheerful pace soon dissipated as the show took a dramatic turn.

Gone was the crowd of cheerful dancers, gone were the water nymphs splashing in the water, and gone were the lively jungle backdrops.

In a blink of an eye, the stage had transformed, leaving us with just the two lead dancers, playing out a romance scene in the laser- generated clouds that swirled and twirled around the dancing couple.

After a few moments of shocked silence, the theatre erupted in excited applause.

Scores of people began excitedly filming on their phones, scared to even miss a second of the artistry, unfolding in front of us.

Not a one-trick pony – Besides just theatre, the romance park also has several other special areas and attractions from traditional temples to yummy street food.

But before we could even catch our breath, the stage had transformed yet again with an almighty being appearing above the young couple demanding that they separate.

There was lighting, there was rain, there were tears, there were shouts, it was a drama- fuelled scene and the show had managed to enthral the entire audience with its amazing show of theatrical art.

It was just the first act of the five-part show but already, I was convinced the show would be nothing short of amazing.

From start to finish, it never ceased to surprise. You would never know where to place your attention because as soon as you begin to fixate on the stage in front of you, actors would begin flying from the back of the theatre like in the olden Chinese movies, swooshing right past you and landing gracefully on the stage, ready to take to battle.

You would experience rain droplets on your head, you would find yourself surrounded by exotic dancers, you would find mermaid waving at you from above, you would be rained on by rose petals.

There were nothing off-limits, the entire audience was dragged into the show and from the constant gasps and applause, it was clear that the actors and producers had captured our utmost attention.

The show at Sanya Qianguqing Grantheater in Sanya Romance Park was one of the very first stops I had made during my recent trip to Hainan.

The 225-acre Park has had an investment of one billion yuan (circa RM600 million) poured into its development, and it has been worthwhile investment, in my opinion.

The Qianguqing Grantheater alone, I would imagine, costing that much, from its high-tech laser shows and moving and dynamic stage to its expansive cast of trained acrobats and actors in ostentatious costumes and backdrops, it really is no joke how much effort has been made into developing it.

Nothing is off-limits – Spectators might find themselves surrounded by exotic dancers.

But not just a one-trick pony, the park which combines the customs and culture of Hainan’s ethnic groups, also showcases a great many special areas and attractions such as its Yazhou Ancient City Cultural Theme Park, Elephant Valley, the Li and Miao Village Cultural Experience Area, Valentine’s Valley, Children’s Playground, Banyan Bar, Triangle Plum Seafood Stall, South China Sea Goddess Cultural Square and many more.

From traditional temples and yummy street food to visual illusion museums and action playground, the park has something for everyone.

My experience at Sanya Romance Park is honestly one I’ll never forget, but it is just one of the many highlights on Hainan island that I would be experiencing in the coming days.