Friday, April 26

Chinese lauded for celebrating their roots


Dennis (seated third row, second left) in a group photo at the open house of Penghulu Desmond Yap Chieng Siang (fourth left).

MARUDI: Members of the Chinese community in Long Lama have been praised for celebrating Chinese New Year in the area.

When visiting members of the community, Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau said he was glad to see those residing away from Long Lama made it a point to return home for the celebration.

“Despite the world’s phenomenon today, where rural to urban migration is hitting all areas in the country, the Long Lama Chinese community has kept their tradition of having open houses; and those who reside away from Long Lama make it point to return home to celebrate their roots,” he said.

He called on the Long Lama Chinese community, particularly the younger generation, to continue celebrating the new year and other festivals in Long Lama or Telang Usan.

Dennis hoped the Chinese community would also continue with the tradition of holding open houses.

He encouraged other communities from longhouses nearby to visit their Chinese friends during Chinese New Year, and for those from the Chinese community to reciprocate with visits during festivals such as Christmas.

He urged the Long Lama Chinese community to always remember their roots, remain united, and work towards a developed Long Lama bazaar and Telang Usan as a whole.

“The government of Sarawak has agreed to focus on developing the Long Lama RGC (rural growth centre),” he said.

Dennis also pointed out that the Long Lama bridge is scheduled to be opened in April.

“With this it will make accessibility very much more comfortable for the people of Telang Usan,” he added.