Friday, October 18

‘High-paying job’ offer made via Facebook, WeChat, detainees claim


Those granted access to enter the prison are seen leaving the facility at the end of the 20-minute meet-up with the detainees.

SIEM REAP, Cambodia: Most of the 47 Malaysians held in a prison here over alleged involvement in illegal online gambling were offered ‘high-paying’ jobs via Facebook and WeChat.

This was the information obtained by Julau MP Larry Sng following his visit to the prison to meet with the detainees yesterday.

According to him, the detainees accepted the offer made to them as they had hoped to earn higher pay in order to support their families, but never thought it would end on a sour note.

“I was told some of them were promised a monthly income of between US$1,200 and US$1,500.

“Because of the promised income, they were willing to fork out US$300 first for the airfare to Cambodia,” he told journalists here after the prison visit.

Sng led a delegation comprising two affected family members and five media practitioners on a one-day trip to Cambodia to visit the detainees.

The MP further disclosed that the detainees claimed that upon arriving in Cambodia, they found out the ‘job offer’ was in fact related to an online gambling operation.

“They said they rejected the offer when they found out it was a fraud. After they refused
to take part, the middleman kept them in a house until Cambodian police raided the place and arrested them,” he said, adding some of the detainees had been promised jobs at a hotel resort here.

Upon hearing such story, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) lawmaker appealed to parents to pay due attention to how their children sought jobs through social media.