Wednesday, March 20

Rep pledges support for special school


Dr Teo (fourth right), Stanly (fifth right), Florida (third right) and teachers tossing the ‘yee sang’ for prosperity.

MIRI: Member of Parliament for Miri Dr Teo Yu Keng has pledged to help Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Miri to ensure uninterrupted education of the special children.

He said he was thankful to the dedicated teachers and school’s PTA in ensuring that the special children at the school receive proper education under a conducive environment.

“I’m thankful to the teachers, parents and the principal including the support group who make sure the special children can learn according to their needs,” Dr Teo said during a Chinese New Year visit to the school yesterday.

Present was PTA chairwoman Florida Uding.

During the visit, Dr Teo announced a grant of RM5, 000 for the school to run its activities.

The school presently has 42 pupils with different special conditions.

Earlier, SK Pendidikan Khas Miri headmaster Stanly Aba said the school needed a new building and hall to cater to the growing number of enrolments.

He said the school plans to upgrade the present hall which was previously a toilet into a classroom.