Enrol in skills-based courses that have commercial prospects, housewives encouraged


Rohani (left) receives a memento from a representative of the organiser during the event.

BELADIN: Women, especially the housewives, are encouraged to take part in skills-based courses that not only would enhance their knowledge, but also generate more incomes, says Batang Lupar MP Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim.

According to her, women can gain many benefits from classes that teach skills like cooking and cake-making, which they can apply not only in their daily lives, and also in turning them to become income generators.

“It is good to see women, especially those in the rural areas, having that knowledge and opportunities to generate extra incomes.

“They can just work from home,” she said at an event hosted by the Federation of Women Institutes Sarawak (PPWS) Hulu Beladin branch, at Kampung Beladin community hall recently.

Rohani also encouraged more women to be creative in promoting their products.

“Women or housewives can promote and sell their cakes or their dishes through social media, as many entrepreneurs do today.

“This is good for them as they can generate income from home without leaving behind their children, who still need full attention from them,” she added.

The event gathered 100 local women.