Residents want department to solve water woes


Photo shows the milky water coming out of taps in Kapit on Monday.

KAPIT: Residents here have demanded that the Rural Water Supply Department resolve the issues of frequent supply interruptions and milky-coloured piped water.

Three residents, who requested anonymity, approached The Borneo Post yesterday to seek a solution.

“Why are you people working with the newspapers not reporting on the water problem? By right, we should not pay the water bill because of the rampant water supply interruptions and the poor water quality,” complained a civil servant in his 50s, who lives at Jalan Selirik.

“I’ve installed two water filters to purify the water and yet it’s still not clean. I’m at a loss.

“When there is water supply, we are concerned about the cleanliness or quality.

“Is it safe to consume? Because the colour is like tea or ‘air ijok’ (toddy). We have to buy mineral water to cook, fearing the inferior water from the tap may cause health hazards to my children.”

Another civil servant residing in a government quarters complained that the water has been milky since Sunday.

“I have many friends working at the waterworks here.

“ It’s a waste to talk about water supply. So many times I’ve called concerning the water; to the extent of even arguing. Still the problem persists. I don’t know what has gone wrong,” he said.

“We are now living in an era of advanced technology and science. Singaporeans even treat the sewage water for domestic usage. But the Kapit Treatment Plant is right at the bank of the mighty Rajang River and yet has so many problems.” A housewife who lives along Jalan Bukit Goram said dealing with dry taps is nothing new.

“We wake up in the early hours of the morning around 4am to collect water for domestic consumption. This is the only way to have water because in my family, I have elders, children, and grandchildren. We all live together,” she said.

The residents said the department must explain to the public why water woes continue to plague Kapit.

They also appealed to elected representatives here to address the longstanding issue.