Telecommunication issues top number of complaints received by MCMC in 2018


The highest number of complaints received by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) last year was on telecommunication issues. – File photo

KUALA LUMPUR: The highest number of complaints received by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) last year was on telecommunication issues.

In a statement issued today, the MCMC said telecommunication issues made up 76 per cent of the total 49,065 complaints, followed by issues involving new media at 17 per cent and issues involving broadcasting and postal services made up the remaining six per cent.

“In the period between June and December last year, most of the service providers failed to comply with the requirement to resolve 90 per cent of complaints within 15 working days.

“MCMC will not compromise and will take stern action against any telecommunication service providers, postal and courier companies that are found to have failed in providing quality customer services to consumers,” the statement said.

It said that in an effort to ensure that complaints were addressed effectively and efficiently, the MCMC had taken several proactive measures including by ensuring that all service providers submit the Mandatory Standard for Quality of Service (MSQoS) Quarterly Report that contains promptness in resolving billing and non-billing complaints, such as customers service issues, pricing, SMS and unfair contractual terms.

Another measure was by enhancing the Integrated Complaint Management System (ICMS) that offers transparency to the consumers throughout the resolution process and monitor the complaint resolution time frame.

The MCMC also undertook the review of the General Consumer Code (GCC) to further strengthen consumer protection measures as well as set out minimum standards on the level services delivered by the service providers.

“The MCMC will also introduce a compensation guideline by the third quarter of 2019 to ensure a fair compensation plan is granted to both consumers and service providers,” the statement said.

To guarantee continuous quality of service amongst the service providers as well as in the postal and courier sector, MCMC plans to implement several other initiatives in the near term that includes updates on the MCMC website pertaining service providers performance.

It will also organise industry star rating award that aims to create a culture of compliance and provide incentive to improve performance among the service providers.

Meanwhile, MCMC Chief Officer of Network Security and Enforcement Zulkarnain Mohd Yassin was quoted in the statement as saying:

“We view superior customer services from the service providers as an essential prerequisite towards building consumers’ trust in the communications and multimedia industry.

With increasing connectivity, data and information sharing, service providers must be at the forefront of safeguarding their customers’ trust through superior customer services.

“As the regulator, MCMC is determined to ensure that all service providers strengthen the quality of their customer services as part of the effort to ensure the industry’s sustainability and long term success.” – Bernama