Thursday, October 24

State’s first electric bus gets thumbs-up from passengers


Passengers enjoy their ride on the electric bus.

KUCHING: Public response to the state’s first electric passenger bus has been positive, with many calling the service a convenient way to get around the city.

Rhap Hilario, a Filipino visitor to Kuching, commented that service allowed him to check out the city’s tourist attractions in one ride.

“It’s high time that Kuching has this type of bus service. In Manila, they already have this type of service which moves around the capital. I’m glad that Kuching finally has one as it is convenient for those who want to go around the city using public transport,” he said.

Other passengers met on the bus ride expressed hope that the service would be expanded to cover more places in the city.

The bus makes a stop to pick up passengers in the city.

Matra Bujang, who is from Bintawa, said it would be good news for him if his area is one day made part of the route as he depends on public transportation to get around. Another passenger, Basil Chung, suggested an app be created to track the bus’ location for the convenience of would-be passengers.

“It is important to have some sort of a tracking system so that those who want to ride the bus can know where and when to wait for it. I feel the bus operator should consider and promote such a system, if there is any,” said Chung, who rode the new bus for the first time yesterday.

Meanwhile, Henz Pacific Sdn Bhd, which operates the electric bus, said there was in fact an app for the bus service for Android and iOS users. Its managing director Henry Lai said users can scan the QR code found in the bus for any information related to its service.

“The app contains information such as bus location, bus stops, places of interest, where this bus will pass by and others. With the app, passengers need not wait long for the bus or have trouble finding the location of interesting places,” he said.

The bus is on a three-month free trial run, covering 26 stations including the Open Air Market, Kuching Waterfront, iCom Square and Sarawak Museum. The electric bus, which can carry up to 53 passengers, comes with free WiFi.