Monday, May 20

Radical, magical: Samsung Galaxy S10 design story


THE Galaxy has gone through a radical change. Extraordinary colors, elegant materials, a spotless display, life-changing UX, and slim accessories. Completely transformed and augmented. 10 years in the making, the magical attractions of the Galaxy S10 glisten with ten times the charm.


Colour pool: A new wave that joins the classics

The Galaxy’s signature black and blue colors have now become household classics. In celebration of its tenth year, the Galaxy introduces new colors along with the glorious classic colors.

Color liberation, Prism: Light that spills over a white canvas

The Galaxy S10’s Prism White captures all shades of colors. It shines with a multitude of colorful hues as it moves around when held. An outpouring of light that escaped the confines of solid colors reveals a marvelous, unprecedented world.

Queen green: A green as covetable as a gemstone

How could anyone possible say, ‘all greens are the same shade’? It is an outrageous statement that does not recognise the wide spectrum of colors between grass green and deep green. The Galaxy S10’s carefully selected Prism Green is a unique color that blends the mystical shade of emerald and the freshness of lush verdure. Its radiance is desirable.


Two types of material, two kinds of display

A glass of light: Rays of shimmering light

All light passes through glass. The Galaxy S10 eagerly amplifies the advantages of glass to create a gleam of light that is pleasing to the eye. The round surface of the glass smoothly leads to the bright metal frame and playfully dances between sharpness and gentleness. Of course, it is without question that the upgraded glass serves as added protection to the display.

Que sera, ceramic: Firing clay gives birth to ceramics

The literal translation of the lyrics ‘Que Sera, Sera’ may mean ‘whatever will be, will be,’ but the meaning is closer to ‘whatever is going to happen, will happen.’ The process of clay withstanding the pressures of heat to become a durable ceramic is something that will happen no matter who says what. The innocently white and poised cream color is resistant against scratches. Whatever is elegant, will be elegant.

Edge or flat: Earth is round, land Is flat

The Galaxy has showcased the advancement of the world through the rounded edge display for years. The meticulous and flexible perspective unique to the Galaxy has widened the horizons for all. The Galaxy now adds the flat display to the selection. It is bold statement coming from the definitive and courageous stance of showing everything for what it’s worth.


Secrets of the display

Hiding something? The art of covertness

The Galaxy S10’s display hides the front sensors to the back. Excluding the camera, of course, since we’ll need to take selfies. By the way, making a camera hole on a Dynamic AMOLED panel that features breathtaking picture quality is no small feat. The darkness that equally sinks down on the surface of the display as well as its edges is another fine touch of detail to boast the Galaxy’s infinitive screen.

A private gate: What happens underneath the display

An entrance to a private area is not marked with a big sign. The Galaxy S10’s fingerprint sensor is quietly hidden underneath the display. That’s why when you pick up the phone and gently place your fingers on the display, the ultrasonic waves will sense the contours of their fingerprints. Not to mention faster than anyone else today. This is how the gate that guards your personal experience opens ever so secretly.


A personally tailored experience

Hold tight: Fastened in your hand

A phone should always be fastened tightly in your hand. Having it easily slip out of your hand just to emphasise a smoother grip is not ideal and putting anti-slip bumps all over is not the answer either. The Galaxy S10 fits nice and tight into your hand. The perfect top-to-bottom and left-to-right ratios create an amazingly secure grip

Less is more: A minimal lifestyle

Thanks to Bixby, our daily lives are less convoluted. Bixby informs you of today’s weather when you are awake and connects you to the car’s Bluetooth to make sure their tunes go live when driving. When you run into a poster for a new movie, Bixby plays its trailer and provides some basic information. These are some of the tasks of Bixby Home, Bixby Routine, and Bixby Vision. It can give you immediate answers when you are curious and becomes your personal assistant that is able to provide a rundown on daily tasks and recommendations. All you need to do is ask and decide.

Hearts on sleeves: A face says a thousand words

Expressing feelings word for word is a relic of the past. These days it’s just easier to send a face with heart-shaped eyes than spelling out “I really like this!” The Galaxy S10’s AR Emoji mimics your movements and expressions while featuring the unique characteristics of your own face. It’s both an outstanding tool and playful pastime to convey your emotions and status. One well-sent Emoji is worth more than a thousand words.


Clothing haul: Apparel that perfectly fits the Galaxy S10

Perfect slim-fit: Dress to impress

It’s just basic manners to flip over the phone when you are with company, but you can’t help but wonder if an expected call is incoming. The LED Cover is equipped with a lighting effect that will send you a notification on the flipside. It’s cute, too.

The punching cover, available exclusively for the Galaxy S10e series, features a fancy array of light passing through tiny punch holes. Flexible color options that let you mix-and-match colors are a bonus.

The protective standing cover securely caresses your phone like a premium travel suitcase. Whether you are laying down or sitting down, the covers offers two types of standing angles for comfortable experiences.

There are several other slim covers made from smooth materials like silicon and leather. No matter how trendy the over-fit style continues to be, you seriously can’t go wrong with a slim-fit for the smartphone.

Let it go: Masters don’t leave traces

The Galaxy S10’s package is composed of environment-friendly pulp that has been made with bamboo and by-products of sugar cane. This brand-new package will faithfully guard all the components of the Galaxy S10 until it arrives safely in your hands, and then vanish away without leaving a single trace.

For futher information, visit Galaxy S10’s promotion roadshow at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur from 10am to 10pm; AEON Tebrau City, Johor Bahru from 10am to 11pm on Friday and Saturday and 10am to 10pm on Sunday and Queensbay Mall, Penang from 10am to 10.30pm.

During the road show, customers who purchase a brand-new Galaxy S10e (128GB) will be entitled to free Galaxy Buds worth RM499, while those who purchase Galaxy S10 | S10+ (128GB) will get free Galaxy Buds and Screen Protection Plus worth RM779. Customers who purchase Galaxy S10+ (512GB) will get free Galaxy Watch Active and Screen Protection Plus worth RM1,079.