Monday, May 20

Almost all pet dogs in Lundu vaccinated, says Uggah


LUNDU: The majority of dogs in this district have received vaccination against rabies, confirms Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas.

Specifically, 2,559 dogs – or 91 per cent of the whole dog population here – had been vaccinated, while 673 strays were removed during the four-day ‘Phase I: Rabies Operation Pilot Project’ taking place here recently.

These figures were disclosed during a post-mortem on the operation, conducted by State Disaster Management Committee, of which Uggah is the chairman

“Overall, the operation was a success, especially in achieving the set objectives of vaccinating 100 per cent of the (pet) dog population, and the removal of strays,” said Uggah.

He also pointed out that several shortcomings were identified, and discussed in detail means to ensure better operational outcome during the next phase of the operation.

It is learnt that three investigation papers against those making false allegations and threats against the committee personnel via social media, have been filed.

According to Veterinary Public Health Ordinance 1999 (VPHO), the owner or person-in-charge of any dog within any rabies-infected area, shall keep that dog under effective control including confining it within an enclosed area, from which it is impossible for the dog to
escape; or tying the animal up securely.

Five mopping teams from Department of Veterinary Services of Sarawak were despatched to this district for a vaccination-surveillance programme, aimed at vaccinating 100 per cent of pet dogs here, installing dog collars and issuing vaccination certificates to dog owners.