Thursday, October 24

Cracking down on counterfeits


Ministry acts on complaint by trademark owner, seizes 4,035 fake bearings worth RM2.6 million

Roslee (second left), with (from left) KPDNHEP Sibu deputy chief Gandan Jirap, raiding officer Linda Jimek and raiding team leader Bahamil Aizul Baharuddin show the seized imitation bearings.

SIBU: The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) here made its largest seizure of imitation goods this year when it confiscated RM2.6 million worth of bearings.

KPDNHEP Sibu head Roslee Maslie said the imitation bearings, totaling 4,035 units of various sizes, were found during raids at Jalan Delta and Jalan Ding Lik Kong on Wednesday morning following a complaint from the trademark owner.

He said this was the second such raid carried out by his office involving imitation goods, with the first case involving seizures worth RM21,000.

“This year, we have identified several hot spots for imitation goods around Sibu, and will take action based on our intelligence on the ground,” he said in a press conference here yesterday.

According to Roslee, KPDNHEP Sibu acted on five cases involving imitation goods last year where seizures totalled RM49,000, adding that one offender was subsequently fined RM40,000 by the court.

He said Wednesday’s seizure is being investigated under Section 8(2)(b) of the Trade Descriptions Act 2011, where individuals found guilty are liable to a maximum fine of RM10,000 per imitation item or imprisonment of up to three years or both for the first offence, and a maximum fine of RM20,000 per item for the second and subsequent offence.

“For companies, those convicted face being fined not more than RM15,000 per imitation item for the first offence, and not more than RM30,000 per item for the second and subsequent offence.”

No arrests were made during the two raids, although investigation is ongoing.