Saturday, August 20

Petrol kiosk issue: Marudi folk thank assemblyman for finding solution


Huong How Luk

MARUDI: Members of the rural community here have expressed their gratitude to their assemblyman, Assistant Minister of Local Government Datu Dr Penguang Manggil for his help in the relocation of a petrol station in this town, which has caused quite a stir here.

They view the new site at Lot 2664 on Kampung Cina, next to the public library and Fire and Rescue Department station, as a ‘win-win situation’ for all.

“I really agree with the new location, which is ideal as it (kiosk) would be at the main access road from Miri, after the completion of the Marudi bridge.

“This would be a real convenience for all the people in Marudi,” said 54-year-old Kampung Cina resident Huong How Luk.

He believed that for any dispute over other upcoming projects, the people here could always bring it up to the relevant authorities or to the elected representative – in other words, they should use proper channels.

“Do not politicise it,” he stressed, referring to the objection to the initial relocation site at Kampung Cina by certain quarters.

Tan Chee Sin

Huong’s fellow villager Tan Chee Sin was also appreciative to Penguang, hailing his as ‘a good YB’ (elected representative).

“This (relocation of petrol kiosk) is very good, and for that, we are truly grateful to have Dr Penguang as our YB, who never fails to listen to our voice for help,” said the 42-year-old.

In a statement made on Thursday, Penguang wanted to put issues revolving around the relocation of a petrol kiosk here to rest once and for all.

In stating this, he slammed certain quarters for having politicised the circumstances relating to the re-siting of the kiosk – originally on Lot 170 of Kampung Cina here, which is currently being used as a park.

Following a recent meeting with Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg, it was decided that the petrol kiosk would be relocated to another site along the main access road to the proposed Marudi Bridge.

Penguang had pointed out that such an issue should best be resolved by the relevant elected representatives and stakeholders, without resorting to unethical tactics as what his constituents had witnessed over the past several days.

“We can always talk and engage in constructive dialogues as we have done (before), to listen to as well as get the feedback from the people, that we need in order to make rational decisions in the best interests of all parties, the residents of Kampung Cina in particular, and Marudi folk, in general,” he told reporters here.