Monday, March 30

33-year-old woman cheated of RM370,500 in ‘Love Scam’


Supt. Mustafa Kamal Gani Abdullah – Bernama file photo

SIBU: A woman lodged a police report today, claiming that she had been cheated of RM370,500 in a “Love Scam”.

The 33-year-old victim from Sibu said she had befriended a man, who claimed to be an engineer from London.

The woman said the man had promised to marry her.

The woman said since August last year until January this year, she had sent the sum to him through various bank transactions.

She sent the money because the man had lured her into a building construction project investment in London.

The sum was also partially sent to help pay the medical bill of the ailing mother of the man.

The woman only realised she had been cheated after she found from a Google search that the photograph of the man she had received was not genuine.

She lodged a police report here thereafter.

Head of Sarawak Commercial Crime Investigation Department Supt Mustafa Kamal Gani Abdullah confirmed receiving the police report today.

“We have consistently and constantly reminded the public to be cautious on internet acquaintances, especially on people they have never met.

“Do not just hand over money to strangers for whatever reasons.”

He advised public members to check with the police and the banking institutions if they had doubts.

Mustafa Kamal hoped they would be able to identify the conman soon.