Tuesday, September 24

Unity makes bringing progress to community easier, Kenyahs advised  


Gerawat (standing – second row from front, 10th right) and Kennedy on his left join PKKS members in a group photo at Piasau Boat Club in Miri.

MIRI: The Kenyahs must strive to be more united in their struggles towards becoming a developed and progressive community.

In making this call, Mulu assemblyman Datuk Gerawat Gala wants to see every member of this community to continue assisting and working together with one another, especially the younger generation.

“The Kenyahs must remain united and work together in synergy to ensure continuous development for their community, and the state in general.

“We need to stay as one big family so that it would be easier for us to progress for many years to come. If we’re not united, no one would care to hear our voice,” he spoke at Sarawak National Kenyah Association (PKKS) seventh tri-annual delegates conference in Piasau Boat Club here on Saturday.

Gerawat acknowledged that compared with the population of other communities, the Kenyahs are ‘moderate in they numbers’, but he also said if they remained united and spoke with one voice through their community leaders or the association, people would hear them out.

“This is one of the most important tasks for the PKKS – to unite the Kenyahs regardless of their sub-ethnics and always bring them to look and move forward,” he added.

Gerawat also emphasised the challenge in involving the younger generation of Kenyahs in associations, specifically the PKKS.

“Hence, it is vital for us to continue supporting our younger generation, in ensuring that we would move forward and develop together. Our youths represent the strength of progress of our community and Sarawak,” he said.

On the tri-annual delegates conference, Gerawat commended PKKS for not only electing members of its new supreme council for the 2019-2021 term, but also further enhancing the relationships among members.

“Leading an association is not an easy job. It takes a lot of sacrifices.

“Our intention in any association, including PKKS, is to work for the sake of the community.Never think that our community leaders want to compete with us – no, we do not compete, but we complement one another. Thus, the strong cooperation between leaders at the grassroots level and their communities is vital as it would become a leverage for the community to properly plan for their future.”

Gerawat also called upon the PKKS to work together with other bodies, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and those from the private sector, for development works in their areas.

“We must get to know associations and organisations, in that we can leverage on their abilities to meet our objectives and allow us to be involved in the planning of various development works in our areas.

“I believe these organisations would always be willing to assist with open arms through their corporate social responsibility programmes,” he added.

Later, Gerawat announced an allocation of RM35,000 for PKKS to run its activities. Murum assemblyman Kennedy Chukpai Ugon, who is also PKKS president, and the representatives of all nine PKKS branches were present at the conference.