Friday, December 3

Grassroots leaders told to list out proposed RTP projects


Dr Abdul Rahman performs the kick-off to mark the opening of the new football field in Kampung Jaya Bakti.

KUCHING: Grassroots leaders from all across Pantai Damai state constituency should continue to list out proposed developments deemed necessary for their respective areas.

According to Assistant Minister of Rural Electricity Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi, these proposed projects would be placed for consideration under the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP).

“In this regard, I call upon all grassroots leaders from Pantai Damai to prepare their lists and submit them for consideration under RTP,” he spoke at the opening of the new football field in Kampung Jaya Bakti here yesterday.

Dr Abdul Rahman, who is Pantai Damai assemblyman, said since its introduction in 2015, the RTP had brought about positive changes to many villages across his constituency.

“The RTP does not just cover basic infrastructures like community halls, roads, drainage, bridges and streetlights.

“Sports facilities like this new football field also come under RTP’s purview.

“Not many villages in Pantai Damai have football fields like this one in Kampung Jaya Bakti. It holds so many potential, in that it can be used to host many sports events and as a platform to groom future sports talents.

“It also encourages the youths to be more active in sports,” he said.