Saturday, December 14

Ngemah/Temalat Road project progressing well


A longhouse resident walks along the still-under-construction Ngemah/Temalat Road on the way to her paddy field.

KANOWIT: The ongoing Ngemah/Temalat Road development is progressing well, with only 1km of the total 9.6km stretch having yet to be connected.

Based on recent observation, the still-under-construction road appears to be much smoother and has better-manoeuvrable terrain than the alternative plantation road that is used by motorists inter-commuting between Kapit, Kanowit and Sibu.

A signboard at one of the construction sites states that works on the Ngemah/Temalat Road commenced in February last year, and scheduled to reach completion by August next year.

It is said that the construction of this stretch is the first of a two-phase development.

The second phase would cover the construction of the 5.1km Ngemah/Ngungun Bypass.

In an announcement made during the State Legislative Assembly sitting in November last year, Assistant Minister of Transportation Datuk Dr Jerip Susil said the whole project would cost RM79.076 million.

The Ngemah/Temalat Road is part of the 84.6km Kanowit/Song/Kapit road development, meant to link Kapit with other major cities and towns across Sarawak.