Saturday, August 20

PKR Hulu Rajang in aid appeal for Uma Bawang fire victims


The fire at Uma Bawang on Monday razed 40 doors from two blocks and left 407 homeless.

MIRI: PKR Hulu Rajang chief Abun Sui Anyit is calling on the public and the private sector to help the fire victims of Uma Bawang at the Sungai Asap Resettlement Scheme in Sungai Koyan, Belaga.

He said the 407 homeless victims are in need of basic necessities such as food, household goods, clothes and school-related items for their children.

“I’m calling on the public, corporate bodies and others from the private sector to identify the needs of the victims and help alleviate their burden,” he said yesterday.

In the long run, he said the fire victims would also require assistance in terms of building material to rebuild their razed longhouse.

“PKR Hulu Rajang will be conducting a fundraising drive among party members and private individuals for the victims,” he added.

Abun can be contacted on 016-8881502. Those wishing to help can channel their donation to PKR Hulu Rajang.

The blaze, which happened around 6pm on Monday, razed two blocks of the longhouse – the 18-door Block D and 24-door Block E – as well as a church.

Of the 407 confirmed victims, 198 were from Block D and 209 from Block E.

The fire also left a 70-year-old resident with burns on her back, but did not see any loss of lives.

The operation to douse the flames by firefighters from Bintulu and members of Uma Daro Sungai Asap Voluntary Firefighting Unit ended at 2.21am yesterday.