Thursday, October 24

Groups pay tribute to World War II heroes


Jeli (left) and a member of the Anzac delegation pay their tributes at the monument. At right is Audry.

KUCHING: Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzac) and Heritage Student Exchange groups paid tribute to World War II prisoners and civilian internees who lost their lives, during a commemoration ceremony at War Memorial Square, Batu Lintang Teachers Training Institute on Tuesday.

Borneo Exhibition Group, Western Australia president Ryan Rowland said the site is historically important in order to educate the younger generation about the atrocities of war.

Audry presents a memento to Rowland. Also seen are Lim and Jeli.

“If we are to trace back on the history of the war; the political greed, the mass mania, the degradation of their properties, and their experiences of the atrocities of the war, we are blessed with our current upbringing,” he said.

Rowland also quoted former President of Germany Richard von Weizsacker, who said those who close their eyes to the past are blind to the future.

George Livesey from the Anzac delegation pays tribute at the monument.

Those present then lay wreaths to pay homage to the war dead.

Among those present for the commemoration ceremony were Jeli Abdullah, who was a child internee at the camp, as well as Sarawak Tourism Federation heritage advisor Datuk Lim Kian Hock and president Audry Wan Ullok.

Prisoners of war and local civilians were imprisoned at the Batu Lintang camp during the Japanese Occupation from 1942 to 1945.