Friday, July 10

60 days operation to resolve Matunggong water woe


Peter Anthony

KOTA KINABALU: Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Peter Anthony said a special operation had been implemented in Matunggong to resolve its water supply problem.

Peter said the ’60 Days Exercise’ commenced on March 21 and was carried out by the state Water Department.

According to him, the water supply problem in Matunggong was not caused by the Milau Dam production but because of the piping system to consumers.

On his working visit to Matunggong, Peter said he noticed that the pipes to buildings, houses and even schools were not done properly.

“Some of the pipes for the water supply were not even connected and this is what the State Water Department will be correcting,” he added.

Peter also disclosed that the Milau Dam produces 55mld of water daily which is more than the 42mld requirements of consumers in Matunggong and Kudat.