Thursday, June 8

Maszlee urges diesel supplier to fix rural school’s power generator


KUCHING: The company that supplies diesel to rural schools, Syarikat Jepak Holdings Sdn Bhd, has been directed to expedite the process to provide electricity to SK Nanga Pelagus (SKNP).

According to Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik, the generator set used to generate electricity at the school was reported to have malfunctioned on April 19, and his ministry had immediately informed the diesel supplier to repair it.

The supplier then visited the school on April 23, but the company could not repair the set immediately and opted to bring it along to Bintulu for further action.

In a statement, Maszlee said the company was expected to ensure that everything was fine by tomorrow (May 2).

Maszlee said his ministry and the Sarawak Education Department has launched an intervention programme aimed at making sure that schools should have a steady supply of electricity.

The ministry will monitor such situations in Sarawak closely so the the process of teaching and studying would not be interrupted, Maszlee said.