Thursday, September 28

Organisation raises RM160,000 for cochlear implant


Kapitan Lau Sie Lok (third left) hands over the letter to Fang Qi’s mother Liew Chia Hui. At second left is the organisation’s Kuching committee member Chang Chee Hong.

KUCHING: The Malaysia Shan Xin Charity and Welfare Organisation successfully raised RM160,000 for three-year-old hearing impaired Voon Fang Qi to undergo the much needed cochlear implant surgery.

Thanks to tremendous response from the community, the organisation met the target within a week and is now putting a stop to the fund-raiser.

The family of Fang Qi extended their gratitude for all the help to enable their little girl to gain her hearing.

Fang Qi who was diagnosed with hearing disorder at Sarawak General Hospital when she was two to three months old is unable to communicate verbally. The surgery has been scheduled for May 18 at a private hospital here.

Legal advisor to the organisation Kailashii Vasudevan Appu (sixth right) hands over the mock cheque to Tamil (fourth left).

Fang Qi’s family, from Kpg Semera Ulu in Kota Samarahan tried to apply for medical allowance from the Welfare Department but was unsuccessful. They then approached the organisation to help with the cost of surgery.

The organisation has also worked with Liver Transpant Welfare Association in Peninsular Malaysia to raise RM120,000 for Tamil Selvan, 53, from Kuala Lumpur.

The lorry driver was diagnosed with cirrhosis last year and his son Shasitharan is willing to donate part of his liver for the transplant. The surgery has been fixed for today (May 7).

The organisation thanked people from all walks of life for their donation to both Fang Qi and Tamil.