Tuesday, September 24

FAS chief responds to call to resign


Dato Posa Majais

KUCHING: Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) president Dato Posa Majais is ready to step down if any candidate can come up with RM5 million of his own a year to keep the FAS going.

Posa was responding to a call by Samarahan Division Football Association (PBBS) to resign from the hot seat for alleged mismanagement of FAS.

“Whosover is interested to replace me must come up an extra RM3 million to RM4 million every year to run the FAS and the Sarawak senior team.

“If there is someone who is willing to spend that amount of money every year, I am ready to step down. If he is not brave enough to do that, then don’t talk too much,” Posa said yesterday.

“I will surely go when the time comes because I do not want to sit in this seat for long. However, I will not simply hand over my duties to just anyone who is not qualified,” he added.

On the accusations aimed at him via social media and local newspapers today, the FAS supremo asked PBBS president Mohamad Iskana Bujang why he did not bring up such issues and matters during the FAS annual general meeting in Limbang last year.

“Why only bring it up now,” he queried.

Posa also asked Iskana to take a look of himself in the mirror.

“You cannot even come up with RM10,000 to run the PBBS, what more to say run the FAS?,” he said.

“Furthermore the election of the PBBS president post during the AGM did not follow the correct procedure,” added Posa.

According to him, Iskana’s accusations were aimed at saving the skin of his ‘rogue’ friend who is being accused of corruption.

In a press conference on Saturday, PBBS represented by Iskana had called for Posa’s resignation.