Sunday, July 12

Teenage girl found dead after leaping out of building in apparent suicide


KUCHING: A 16-year-old girl was found dead in an apparent suicide at MJC Batu Kawa here, last night.

According to Padawan police chief Supt Aidil Bolhassan, man had lodged a police report at Batu Kawa Police Station at around 8pm last night after he saw a woman jumping out from Blok CP, 101 MJC, Batu Kawa and later found her lying face down on the road, covered in blood.

The police later found the body in the location the man described.

The deceased, who was wearing a t-shirt and grey shorts, suffered from severe head injuries due to the fall.

It was found that all windows in the apartment were not installed with grills, except for the main door.

The girl’s bedroom, which is facing the road, was found to be wide open and believed to be the one she jumped out of.

Investigations revealed that there were signs of foul play in the house, prior to the incident.

It was believed that the girl committed suicide because she was disappointed that her stepfather, a local working in Singapore, had remarried and hardly returned home.

Her body was later brought to the Sarawak General Hospital for a postmortem. Her stepfather is expected to return today to identify the body.

Meanwhile, those who are facing difficulties and suicidal thoughts are advised to seek counselling by calling the Sarawak Social Welfare helpline at 082-514141.