Monday, September 25

KLCS to hold ‘i-Shave 7.0’ fund raising event for Palliative Care Centre project


Dr Yii (second left) showing the poster for the ‘i-Shave 7.0’ campaign alongside his special assistant Leslie Ting (second right), Hung (right) and KLCS vice chairperson and ‘i-Shave 7.0’ organising chairperson Sim Piak Heng (left).

KUCHING: The Kuching Life Care Society (KLCS) is short of the RM2 million it needs for its Hospice and Palliative Care Centre project.

Its chairman Hung Sung Huo said the cost of the building as well as medical equipment, electric beds and relevant software is estimated to be around RM10 million.

“We have so far raised RM8 million for the project but are still short of RM2 million which we hope to raise through our fund-raising project ‘i-Shave 7.0’ this July 21 at Boulevard Shopping Mall,” he told a press conference at DAP Sarawak headquarters here today.

Also present at the press conference was Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii who informed reporters that he will also be shaving his head for a good cause during the event.

“I’ve decided to take the extra step of volunteering myself to shave my head and raise funds with a minimum target of RM200,000.

“It is my hope to encourage the public to have a good heart and donate to KLCS for their noble cause and initiative to establish a quality palliative care centre in Kuching,” he said.

He added that he will also personally donate to the charitable organisation of which the amount will be revealed later.

He also called on the public to come forward and join him in having their heads shaved during i-Shave 7.0 which will kick start from 10am onwards.

“This will be the first time to have my head shaved and I encourage more people to also take part in this charitable event which KLCS is targetting for 100 people to voluntarily shave their heads.”

Meanwhile, Hung said those who wish to donate to Dr Yii’s ‘i-Shave 7.0’ campaign can do so by donating to KLCS’s Public Bank account at 31-222-088-25 through online transfer before July 21.

“When donating, please state ‘YBKYshave’ in the reference section so that we can tabulate the amount raised on the day of the event.”