Thursday, October 24

‘Road closure at Yayasan Sarawak building work site a headache for motorists’


Yong (left) and Tan during their visit to the project site yesterday.

KUCHING: Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong is questioning the action of the contractor tasked with carrying out renovation works at Yayasan Sarawak Building, in closing off one side of Jalan Masjid in front of the building.

According to her, the closing-off of the road has resulted in serious traffic congestion in the area, and has particularly inconvenienced those seeking treatment at the Jalan Masjid Health Clinic.

“I have received numerous complaints from patients trying to get to the clinic. Due to the road closure, traffic is diverted to the road in front of the clinic, triggering really bad congestion.

“They have had to endure this for the past six months,” she said during a visit to the project site yesterday, accompanied by former Stampin MP Julian Tan.

Based on feedback and information from the public, she said no notice was ever issued with regards to the road closure.

Yong added that upon arriving at the site, she was taken aback to see more than half of the road surface had been dug up.

“Did the contractor obtain prior approval from the authorities, particularly DBKU (Kuching North City Commission), to seal off half of Jalan Masjid? If they did, who authorised it? “

Also, is this project being carried out in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations under the Building Ordinance?”

She also pointed out that due to the contractor not placing any signage to indicate the sealed road, many unwitting motorists had to reverse their vehicles in order to take the detour route in front of the health clinic, in order to get to Jalan P Ramlee, Jalan Haji Taha and the surrounding villages.

“I will go to DBKU next week to find out more about the project. The public deserve an explanation from the authority concerned,” she said.