Thursday, November 21

CIDB, Bayo to introduce special card solution


KUCHING: Bayo Pay (M) Sdn Bhd (Bayo) announces a collaborative partnership with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) on the Construction Personnel Registration Card Enhancement Programme for CIDB Malaysia.

Developed exclusively for CIDB, the Construction Personnel Registration Card Enhancement Programme is a comprehensive solution covering the CIDB ID and Payment card solution, mobile wallet and Printing Management and Enforcement solution (PRIME).

The all-new Construction Personnel Registration Card is a dual purpose – ID and a Mastercard co-branded prepaid card. It contains the element of EMV smart chip for extra security layer and contact/contactless features enabling frictionless payment experience for construction personnel.

CIDB Chief Executive Datuk Ahmad ‘Asri Abdul Hamid said technological advancement plays a significant role in ensuring that agencies like CIDB are able to perform its role in the most effective manner.

“Therefore we (CIDB) are happy to collaborate with Bayo in enhancing the Construction Personnel Registration Card and we hope the industry will soon be able to benefit from all the value-added benefits,” he said in a statement.

“We (CIDB) look forward to share even more new developments and enhancements in our journey towards digitalization of the construction industry.”

The multi-security layers feature further enhances the security and the integrity of the new card allowing for better control in card issuance management and directly addressing the current challenges faced by CIDB.

With this all-new Construction Personnel Registration Card, construction personnel are able to enjoy loyalty and rewards with every spending be it via physical or virtual card. Coupled with Bayo’s partnership with Mastercard, construction personnel get to enjoy the convenience of worldwide payment acceptance.

Construction personnel are also able to do cash withdrawal at any ATM that accepts Mastercard payment card.

Designed with CIDB cardholders’ needs in mind, the core principle behind the mobile e-wallet developed exclusively for CIDB is the convergence of standalone products across common platform and thus fulfilling the concept of a wallet as a lifestyle product.

The mobile e-wallet encompasses features like e-payment, e-ID, communication platform, online training platform, marketplace and discount and rewards.

With Bayo’s bespoke discounts and rewards feature, construction personnel are able to enjoy the special discounts and rewards from participating outlets. The additional feature developed specifically for site supervisors is on-site employee attendance via QR code. With this feature, attendance records are kept digitally, eliminating the need for manual records.

The PRIME solution is intended to streamline the work flow for card printing management, infuse best practice in risk management on inventory control, instill operational excellence and enhance enforcement.

PRIME enables enforcement to be done on-the-go by CIDB enforcement team efficiently via online and offline ID verification through QR code and chip authentication.

The Construction Personnel Registration Card Enhancement Programme is set to take effect soon whilst the mobile e-wallet will be available on Apple Store and Google Play Store in the third quarter of 2019.