Monday, August 10

How tech is revolutionising the health sector


GLOBALLY, the healthcare sector is changing in a dramatic and progressive way due to rapid advancements in technology.

It is also becoming one of most progressive and promising sectors, especially for youths, as there are now more employment options particularly for those with IT skills.

SarawakYES! has previously discussed how technological advancements are transforming the healthcare industry in Sarawak, and here are some more ways in which tech is revolutionising the sector.

IT-related roles

Apart from the usual professions such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, the healthcare industry is also filled with career opportunities for tech-related work.

And as the healthcare industry continues to progress, more jobs are being created that are blending the skills of both tech and healthcare workers.

For instance, you will find jobs such as clinical informatics specialist and healthcare interface analyst, which don’t necessarily require specific skills in medicine or healthcare.

Diagnostic services outsourced

Through communication technology such as videoconference, telemedicine and teleradiography, virtual visits between physicians and patients are made possible.

By outsourcing diagnostic services, patients who live in rural areas, for example, can get their check-ups with their doctors conducted at home without the hassle of travelling to the clinic or hospital.

Digital information system

The introduction of digital health records for patients in place of paper records has been vital not only in terms of saving time for both patient and health provider, it has helped minimise duplicate testing especially in terms of lab results retrievals.

In the age of big data, these records also allow for better data collection and the creation of real-time reports.

As the electronic medical records can travel with patients, it also helps in scheduling patient appointments with doctors, simplifies payments, and provides greater convenience in renewing prescriptions.

Advanced medical inventions

Perhaps one of the biggest ways that tech has revolutionised the healthcare sector is with medical inventions.

These medical technologies include the application of virtual reality, precision medicine, robotic surgery, 3D printing, tissue engineering, and brain-computer interfaces.

Although they may appear to be cutting-edge and state-of-the-art now, in the future they might be considered as normal procedures in healthcare, as the technology continues to get better.

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