Monday, July 22

Civil servant loses RM1 mln of life savings in Macau Scam


File photo for illustration

MIRI: A 52-year-old civil servant here lost more than RM1 million of her life savings to a Macau Scam.

According to Sarawak Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Supt Mustafa Kamal Ghani Abdullah, the victim received a call from a woman who identified herself as Syaifa Omar from a “Terengganu Court”.

The suspect informed the victim that her bank account was used for money laundering involving a bank and purchasing drugs amounting to RM90,000.

“The suspect also informed her that the case was under police investigation,” said Mustafa Kamal in a statement here today.

The victim then received another call from a man who introduced himself as “Sufian Sulaiman”, informing her that her bank account was used for money laundering and drug smuggling activities.

“The suspect told the victim that all her bank accounts would be frozen if she did not bank in money into her own account.

“The suspect also instructed the victim to change her telephone number for internet banking and use a number given by the suspect instead,” he said.

The victim was then asked to bank-in money amounting to RM1,096,800 to her own bank account in stages between May 7 and May 20.

“She only realised that she had been cheated when she checked her account balance at the ATM and found out that the account was only left with RM21,” said Mustafa Kamal.

The victim lodged a police report on May 20.