Sunday, November 27

DEN-2 the most lethal dengue virus


78 dengue deaths recorded nationwide so far this year, most Aedes breeding grounds in residential areas


Dr Lee Boon Chye

SIBU: A total of 78 dengue deaths were reported in the country this year, with dengue virus serotype 2 (DEN-2) accounting for the most deaths at 59 per cent, compared to other strains.

Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye disclosed this when asked which dengue strain caused the most fatalities in the country.

“In 2019, between week 1 and week 21, a total of 32 samples from 78 dengue-related death cases reported were tested for serotyping. The results show that DEN-2 causes more deaths (59 per cent) as compared to dengue virus serotype 1 (DEN-1) at 22 per cent, and the remaining deaths were caused by dengue virus serotype 3 (DEN-3) at 19 per cent,” he told The Borneo Post via WhatsApp recently.

Asked on which dengue strain was the most dangerous, he said: “Based on the Fried JR, et al. 2010 study, DEN-2 is apparently associated with more severe dengue cases.

“In 2018, the National Dengue Virus Serotype Surveillance showed that severe dengue cases were caused by a mixture of different dengue viruses, almost equal proportions of both DEN-1 (35.2 per cent) and DEN-2 (31.9 per cent).”

Dr Lee said the cumulative dengue cases recorded until May 26 this year nationwide was 51,014 cases.

Additionally, he revealed that 1,993,407 premises across the country were inspected this year for possible Aedes mosquito breeding grounds.

“Out of 1,993,407 premises inspected, 60,252 were tested positive for Aedes breeding grounds. The breeding index for the whole country is three per cent,” he explained.

On which type of premises accounted for the bulk of Aedes breeding grounds, Dr Lee said: “A large majority (87.2 per cent) of positive breeding grounds were found at residential areas and empty land/lots.”