Sunday, October 2

Be grateful for being able to fast in peace — Dr Mahathir


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called on Malaysians especially Muslims to be grateful for being able to carry out the Ramadan fasting without any disturbance and to celebrate Aidilfitri today peacefully.

He said many Muslims were unable to fast in peace as their countries were unstable with some facing famine while others were exposed to threats which put their lives at risk.

“On the other hand, here we are enjoying food of enormous choices. The fate of Muslims in the country is good indeed. Even without much effort we are getting to enjoy many things. We celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri joyfully and in a relaxed manner in this blessed country,” he said in his Aidilfitri 2019 message that was broadcast live on local television stations last night.

The Prime Minister also reminded the people to continue to work hard because without hard work it would not be possible to remain at a comfortable level.

He said Allah would not fulfill people’s prayers and wishes unless they themselves made an effort to change their fate.

Dr Mahathir also reminded the people that the comfort enjoyed today was also contributed by those who worked for them, whether they were Malaysians or foreigners.

“They sweated so that necessities could reach us, including food supply. Without them, the country would have continued to be poor and undeveloped,” he said.

Apart from that, Dr Mahathir also said Muslims must put their priority in ensuring justice, be patient and curb their desires for material things.

“We know Muslims are brothers. But we see they are often at odds with each other to the point of going to war. We are forbidden to kill yet we see many of us kill and are killed. There is nothing more important in Islam than justice. But many of us punish without investigating, casting justice aside.

He added that Muslims now were oppressed everywhere.

“If we were to hold fast to the truth and Islamic teachings as found in the Quran, we will certainly be aware that the tragedy that has befallen us is because we rejected the teachings, guidance and advice that are in the Quran, the revelation from Allah ,” Dr Mahathir explained. — Bernama