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September 16

No improvement to Pan Borneo Highway despite DAP’s inspection visit – Tiong


Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

KUCHING: Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said DAP has failed to push for actual improvements to the Pan Borneo Highway despite putting on an inspection visit to repair a section near Selangau in February.

According to him, parts of the interstate highway remained hazardous to road users despite numerous complaints by commuters.

“The people have repeatedly complained that the relevant road sections are in crisis and in ruins. I have been waiting for this group of people to solve the problem,” he said in a statement yesterday.

In view of this, Tiong appealed to Works Minister Baru Bian and his assistants to lodge actual facts in their reports instead of merely delivering verbal anecdotes of the highway’s conditions.

“I have received many complaints about the bad signage, poor diversions, lack of warning lights, street lights. When are the improvements coming? When will the DAP take this matter seriously?” he asked.

Tiong said several sections of the 5,324-kilometre road from Serudong in Sabah to Sarawak’s Sematan had received varied complaints including damage to utility lines, unsafe construction due to unfinished works and harming local residents’ livelihoods.

“Chinese New Year and Hari Raya have both passed, but the parties responsible for these repairs remain quiet,” Tiong said.

He added that on the way to Sibu for a event on the Sunday, his own vehicle had been diverted to the wrong direction due to vague road signals and signage.

He pointed out that cursory inspection near Sibu for instance, would show hazardous conditions including unclear signage leading to road users driving on the opposing lane while other areas lacked warning lights.

He further urged that the contractors for the vaunted road project should be terminated if they continue to flout safety standards, endangering the lives of commuters.

“The problem has threatened the safety of road users, so irresponsible engineers and contractors and a group of actors in DAP must be answerable to the people and the Parliament” he added.