Couple in Api-Api assault case comes forward to tell the truth


Serman (middle) and his counsel, Michelle (right) showing the copies of his family’s police reports.

KOTA KINABALU: The recent assault case of a married couple in Api-Api Centre has taken a twist as the family of the accused has now claimed that the viral closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) footage of the ‘fight’ had only shown one side of the story.

Mohd Serman Hassnar claimed that the video of him and his family members allegedly beating up a Pakistani man and his wife over what was suspected to be a property rental-related issue, was misleading.

Serman said in fact it was the Pakistani man who started the fight and not him and his family – contrary to what was portrayed in the CCTV footage, which had since went viral on social media.

The incident then led to the arrest of Serman, along with his father Asainar @ Hassnar M.P. Ebrahim, 67, and brother-in-law Fakarudin Ampong, 37, on June 2.

Serman was later released and his father and brother-in-law were subsequently charged at the Magistrate’s Court on Friday with allegedly beating up Zahid Rahman, 33, and his wife Haslinda Aziz, 31, who is a local.

“It is not true that there was a group of four men, including my father and I, who had barged in and hit Zahid Rahman. I have a video recording that showed Zahid was the one who had started the incident by attempting to attack me and then proceeded to punch my father,” Serman told reporters during a press conference yesterday.

He claimed Haslinda had stabbed him in the neck, chest and leg using a sharp object while his father, a senior citizen, and brother-in-law suffered injuries after being punched by Zahid.

Pictures showing the injuries suffered by Serman, his father and his brother-in-law.

“It was not true that there was a group of men who approached the complainant (Zahid) while my two sisters and brother-in-law were discussing with him (about the rental issue).

“During the negotiations, Zahid’s bouncer had threatened my sister. She then called me to inform about the incident. My father and I then went down to see what was happening. I confronted Zahid as to why he had threatened my sister.

“At that moment, Zahid had tried to attack me but he was stopped by a member of the public. The fight eventually broke out when Zahid punched my father,” Serman further explained.

Serman’s family claimed that the alternate footage of the fight, which was recorded by his 13-year-old niece, had already been submitted to the police.

He went on to stress that he was very disappointed that Zahid, his wife and their bouncer had not yet been arrested and charged.

“I ask for the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to act fairly and not be biased and side with foreigners and people who were born outside of Sabah,” he added.

According to Serman, Zahid had been renting his sister’s apartment at Api-Api Centre since 2015. The agreed rental of RM1,600 and deposit were initially paid by Zahid but he had allegedly refused to give his personal particulars, which were required in order to prepare for the tenancy agreement.

However, since February 2018, Serman claimed Zahid had allegedly failed to pay the full rental but instead only paid RM1,200.

“Each time our family apartment supervisors went to ask for the rental or Zahid’s identification papers, Zahid would proceed to ask his bouncer to intimidate the supervisors by shaking the grill, spitting and breaking bottles at the front door,” he claimed.

Also present at the press conference was Serman’s counsel, Michelle R. Usman, who had disclosed that she and her team had received all evidence pertaining to the incident.

She said that all the evidence would not be made public, as the case is still ongoing in court.

She also explained that the press conference (which was held by Serman) would not interfere with court proceedings, as it did not involve his father and brother-in-law, the two accused persons who had just been charged.