Sunday, July 12

Report: Alleged minister in sex clips was in Sandakan on May 10, 11


Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz 

KUCHING: A federal minister allegedly filmed having gay sex in video clips that went viral yesterday was in Sandakan on May 10 and 11, The Star Online reported.

The national daily said today that the minister was among party leaders who had helped campaign for a DAP candidate in the May 11 by-election.

It pointed out that the dates correspond with the claim made by a person identified as Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz in a video “confession” uploaded on his Facebook page early this morning.

It said further that the minister left Sandakan early in the morning on polling day on May 11.

In the video, Haziq said: “The video was taken without my permission on May 11 during the Sandakan by-election in a room…at Hotel Four Points.”

He also urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to launch an investigation on the minister, alleging that he was not qualified to be a leader.