Saturday, October 19

Bersatu headquarters never recognised group – Armada chief



KOTA KINABALU: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) has never recognised a group who claimed to be the earliest activators of the party in Sabah.

Sabah Bersatu Armada chief Mohd Isquzawan Israq Datuk Arsit said the party headquarters had never recognised the group concerned because their movement and activities had never received the blessing and approval from the party.

Isquzawan said he was surprised because suddenly there were certain individuals and group claiming they were the earliest activators of Bersatu in Sabah.

“More surprising is that the group concerned claimed they were based in Pulai, Johor Baharu, and that they have successfully registered 18,000 members in Kudat.

“Sabah Bersatu leaders do not know this group and the individuals concerned. They are like ‘toyol’ who suddenly appear and make baseless allegation. I am confident they did this on the instruction of certain people with intention to smear the good name of Bersatu in Sabah,” he said in a statement Wednesday.

Isquzawan was commenting on a report in the The Borneo Post and a news portal (BorneoToday) about a group of individuals led by Thomas Mojuga Tukang, claiming to be the main activators who brought in Bersatu to Sabah, who declared quitting from the party with 20,000 other members.

Thomas, who claimed to be among the main persons behind the setting up of Sabah Bersatu, was reported bringing together 260 other leaders including division leaders, Armada leaders and Srikandi to leave Beraatu.

Isquzawan said their allegation that they were sidelined did not arise because the group were never appointed or given approval to move on Bersatu platform by the party’s headquarters.

He said it was also funny when Thomas claimed he together with 260 other leaders, including division leaders, Armada leaders and Srikandi were leaving Bersatu.

“As far as I know, there were no division protem chiefs, as well as Armada and Srikandi protem chiefs, in Sabah who have been officially appointed by the Bersatu headquarters, have quit the party as alleged by Thomas.

“This is clearly a lie intentionally created by Thomas and his group with bad intention against Sabah Bersatu leadership,” he stressed.

He said Sabah Bersatu had received report there were many individuals claiming and impersonating as Sabah Bersatu leaders.

“Do not know what their intention are. When their lies were exposed, then they come up with various excuses to redeem themselves from shame, until there are those who ‘quit’ Bersatu,” he added.

Isquzawan said there was no such thing as earliest party activators because Bersatu only decided to expand to Sabah in February 2019 and was officially launched by Bersatu chairman Tun  Dr Mahathir Mohamad who is also the Prime Minister on April 6 2019.

He said those who were officially appointed by the Bersatu supreme leadership as protem chiefs were regarded as the earliest party activators in Sabah, including the elected representatives and independent leaders from Umno.

“Because they have been given the power and responsibility to set up Bersatu divisions and branches in Sabah,” he stressed.

Isquzawan said there were many who were jealous because of the positive development and good acceptance among the people of Sabah of Bersatu in the State.

“Additionally, Bersatu is led by calibre, committed and truthful leaders,” he added.