Wednesday, August 21

Cuepacs Sarawak fully supports PM’s advice on graft, abuse of power


Ahmad Malie

SIBU: The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Service (Cuepacs) Sarawak fully supports Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s call for civil servants to avoid being greedy to the extent of committing corruption.

Its president Ahmad Malie when commenting on this matter here yesterday also hoped that Dr Mahathir’s advice and call will be a reminder and motivation to all civil servants in ensuring that they carry out their duties and responsibilities with high level of integrity.

“This is in addition to meeting the high expectation of best services from members of the public and all civil servants should receive the advice with an open heart,” he said.

“The union here welcomes YAB PM’s advice because it is in line with what is contained in the General Order which acts as a guide for all civil servants all this while when discharging their respective duties and responsibilities with the full trust of the people.

“Moreover, this is further strengthened by the Twelve Pillars principle, which is also a service guide to all civil servants,” Ahmad added.

The Prime Minister also advised them to be patient and not be short tempered when dealing with the public, and discharge their duty whole-heartedly as it is a trust placed on them. He said the government viewed seriously issues concerning corrupt practices and power abuse in the civil service, thus it was the responsibility of everyone to tackle the issue right down to the roots.

Dr Mahathir touched on this issue on Monday in his keynote address at the PM’s Gathering With the Melaka State Civil Service event in Melaka.

Ahmad added: “Cuepacs does not view Dr Mahathir’s advice as something new since all civil servants had been informed of such matter. Nevertheless, we regard the Prime Minister’s advice as an emphasis towards the role of civil servants in carrying out their respective duties.”