Illegal logging discovered at Sg Loba Kabang


An aerial photo of the reserved area shows the tracks of heavy machinery.

KUCHING: Illegal logging is believed to have taken place in a reserved area covering 1,200ha at Sungai Loba Kabang, 39km from Sibu.

The land area had been well preserved with no logging activities until recently, when many trees were discovered to have been felled.

The area that has been illegally logged is part of BLD Group’s efforts to conserve valuable peat forest.

Company staff discovered the illegal logging during a patrol in the area on Wednesday.

Besides a large number of trees felled, tracks of heavy machinery being used in the area were also found.

The company, which is committed to preserving the environment, is calling on the Sarawak government to look into the issue and to take immediate action against those involved in illegal logging.

A police report has been lodged on the matter.

BLD Group launched its sustainable palm oil policy this year.

The company is committed to no peat deforestation, no peat development, and no exploitation.