Wednesday, January 22

I’m no liar: Haziq lodges police report over confession


KUCHING: In the latest twist to the sex video scandal, Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz has posted photos of a copy of a police report he made to rebut accusations against him made by “netizens, cybertroopers, Hilman Idham, and others”.

“You can call me anything you want but I was never raised a liar,” Haziq wrote on his Facebook account, which was accompanied by two blurry pictures of his police report.

The police report, which appears to have been written and lodged at the Kelana Jaya police station, was confirmed to have been received by Selangor Criminal Investigations Department chief Fadzil Ahmat, online news portal Malaysiakini said.

“I lodged this police report to rebut the allegations made by netizens, cybertroopers, Hilman Idham and others,” Haziq wrote in the police report.

The report echoes his previous post on Facebook, where he revealed that he met political secretary to Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, Hilman Idham.

He concluded that he was also lodging the police report over concerns about his safety.

Hilman had earlier admitted to meeting Haziq before the confession video was posted yesterday.

Deputy Minister of Primary Industries Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin has stated that Haziq has been suspended with immediate effect, and a show cause letter has been issued to the latter on June 12.