Friday, July 10

‘Sarawak, What’s Next?’ debate to feature DAP-SUPP-PBK reps on June 22


KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), Parti Bumi Kenyalang and Sarawak Patriots Association (SPA) have welcomed the ‘Sarawak, What’s Next?’ debate slated to take place on June 22 here with SPA even congratulating the host, Movement for Change Sarawak (MoCS).

Apart from SUPP and PBK, the other party in the intergroup debate would be the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

Based on MoCS’ promotional e-poster, DAP would be represented by DAP Sarawak Youth publicity chief Abdul Aziz Isa, SUPP by its youth chief Michael Tiang and PBK, its president Voon Lee Shan.

Tiang and Voon are trained lawyers while Abdul Aziz is special officer to DAP Sarawak chairman Chong Chieng Jen.

MoCS chief Francis Siah will be the debate’s moderator, which is scheduled to be held at Grand Continental Hotel.

“Knowing the speakers personally, we feel that it will be a good debate. SPA prays that the debate will be broadcasted through live streaming so that more Sarawakians from outside Kuching urban areas can benefit from the debate,” said SPA chairman Datuk John Lau.

“However, SPA feels that if more heavyweights were involved in the debate, it would be more interesting and exciting. The points raised during such a debate will be pertinent to set the next course of action for Sarawak,” Lau stressed.

Lau also said it would be good if other political parties like PBB, PKR, PRS and PDP were invited for the debate.

“It will be better to involve current sitting assemblymen and current members of parliament from both sides of the House,” Lau suggested.

Tiang said he was looking forward to this event and described it as more of a “roundtable discussion with leaders from different political parties about the future of Sarawak.”

He does not believe that the debate would be heated with Abdul Aziz and Voon as opponents.

“I believe all of us have different ideas and would also share some common aspirations for the future of our homeland,” he said.

“I look forward to hearing other speakers’ ideas and passion for what kind of future Sarawak deserves.”