Sunday, September 22

Sex scandal indirectly raised profile of PKR Santubong – Division chief


KUCHING: PKR Santubong division chief Ahmad Nazib Johari is looking at the sex video scandal implicating his Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz in a positive manner, saying the publicity has indirectly raised the profile of the division and its leaders.

He said the breaking of the scandal last week meant that Sarawakians are now more familiar with the leadership line-up of Santubong division and are interested to know more about its activities.

“When this (sex scandal) issue came up and the media mentioned PKR Santubong, it gave an impact in that people wished to know what is happening in PKR Santubong or the individuals concerned.

“So this means that whenever PKR Santubong is mentioned, more people want to know more about us, and this indirectly promotes our line of leadership,” he told Utusan Borneo when contacted yesterday.

He further said that the ongoing scandal did not have any adverse effect on the level of support towards the division or its leaders.

“If we look at what is happening now, because there is no evidence, people are seeing this issue as a plot that has occurred before – that it is a conspiracy. We see that the support (for PKR) is still normal. Our party members do not believe it and everything remains as normal.”

At the same time, Ahmad Nazib urged the authorities to expedite their probe into the scandal to clear the names of those implicated, so as to restore the country’s image.