Thursday, October 24

Shots fired at burglars at 3rd Mile coffeeshop, suspects continue to elude capture


KUCHING: Two suspects wanted by the police for house break-ins and vehicle thefts managed to escape from the police despite two warning shots being fired.

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) chief SAC Denis Leong Soon Kuai said police were tracking down one of the suspects when they spotted him at the carpark of a coffeeshop at Central Park Commercial Centre, 3rd Mile at around 9.30pm yesterday.

“The suspect was believed to be in the midst of trying to steal a four-wheel-drive vehicle that was parked in front of the coffeeshop,” said Leong in a statement today.

Upon realising that he had been spotted, the suspect fled the scene and ran across the road towards a private hospital.

Police fired two warning shots, but the suspect managed to escape by jumping into a river.

The suspect is wanted by the police for multiple house break-ins and vehicle theft cases in Tapah, Beratok and Siburan.

The second suspect whom the police have also identified was initially parked at a bustop at Jalan Rock.

“The second suspect abandoned the vehicle and also managed to escape,” he added.

A check on the car revealed that it was reported to be missing in Batu Kawa on June 18.

Various house and car break-in tools were also found inside the car.

Among the items seized by the police were three handphones, a crowbar, three machetes, two flat steels, nine car keys, two gloves and six face masks.