Tuesday, December 10

‘Vigilance needed to protect against phone scammers’


MIRI: The public is reminded not to reveal their personal information to unknown callers who claim to be from the police or other positions of authority.

The reminder was issued by SUPP Piasau Youth publicity secretary Chia Kah Furng after a member of the wing was recently targeted by such a caller.

Chia Kah Furng

“The 38-year-old member received a call from an unknown person who claimed to be a police officer from Bukit Aman.

“The caller was able to identify our member by his name, and also had his Mykad number and home address,” said Chia via a press statement yesterday.

According to him, the so-called police officer accused the Youth member of having illegally purchased 30 prescription sleeping pills from a pharmacy in Kuala Lumpur last month, and warned that he needed to cooperate in their investigation.

“Our member sensed a phone scam in progress and immediately ended the call before lodging a police report. The police later tried to call back the number several times, but the number appears to no longer be active,” he added.

According to Chia, the incident showed that scam syndicates are constantly on the prowl for potential victims, hence the need for vigilance.

Despite such cases being highlighted by the authorities, many continue to fall victim, he said.

“The most common tactic used by these syndicates is by contacting their targets via telephone. If you receive such a call, remain calm and never reveal any personal information to them.”

He also called on the authorities to probe the possibility that these syndicates have people working for them inside institutions such as banks.

“Obtaining personal data without permission is illegal. I believe these scammers may have inside help in places such as banks, and are being supplied with customers’ personal information.

“Stern action needs to be taken against those who are found to be working in tandem with the scammers,” he stressed.