Saturday, October 1

STU wants MoE to create DG56 scale for DG54 teachers


(Seated from left) vice-presidents Kullin Djayang (southern zone), Adam Prakash (central zone), secretary-general Chung Fui San, Macky, deputy president Morni Askha, treasurer-general Chan Chiew Sze, vice-president Elizabeth Dikertina (northern zone) and vice-president (women) Theresa Panyut and other committee members after the 2nd executive council meeting.

SIBU: The Ministry of Education (MoE) has been urged to move teachers who have reached the current top scale of DG54 to a new DG56 scale so that they will not stay static until retirement.

Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) said this will motivate the teachers to continue their good work.

“Currently, the highest scale for graduate teachers is DG54. Based on the time-based formula of 8+8+6+3 (years), it is possible for a graduate teacher to reach DG54 at a young age of 49.

“This means that they will remain static for 10 years before the mandatory retirement age of 60. The MoE, the schools and the students will stand to lose if these teachers opt for early retirement as they have reached the peak of their career.

“These are teachers with decades of experience and knowledge who still have much to contribute to the education system and the society if they stay in service,” STU president Macky Joseph said in a press statement.

To ensure these teachers stay in service, there must be a higher scale than DG54 that all teachers can reach, he added.

Macky noted that the current scale of JUSA C can only be attained by a selected few and is beyond the reach of most teachers.

Meanwhile, STU held its 2nd executive council meeting in Miri on June 14 to 16.

Apart from the above resolution on DG56 scale, the meeting resolved to urge MoE to adopt the Code of Ethics for Parents/Guardians to promote good rapport between parents/guardians and teachers.

Macky said STU had been involved in the drafting of the code of ethics since 2017 which was finalised recently and submitted to the Sarawak Education Department for further actions.

Another resolution was to urge MoE to stop the practice of holding extra classes during school holidays so that teachers and students have the opportunity to spend quality time with their families.

“Before the recent Gawai-Raya midyear school holiday, STU had received verbal complaints from its members that they were required to conduct extra classes during the school holiday,” he claimed.

He said this is because “Not all teachers and students stay with their families during school days; therefore, school holiday is the only opportunity that they have to meet up and spend quality time with their loved ones.”

“Although the Minister of Education Dr Maszlee Malik has advised schools not to have any activity such as extra classes in a video that was released at the beginning of the midyear school holiday, without any official directive, some schools have continued with the extra classes,” he added.

Expressing hope that MoE will look into these issues for the betterment of the education system and the benefit of students, he said: “We will continue to upgrade the professional and social status of teachers in line with our motto ‘Social Justice and Peace’.”