Wednesday, June 23

Police find decaying body of Indonesian woman in rented room


KUCHING: An Indonesian woman was found dead in her rented room at Jalan Muara Tuang, Kota Samarahan yesterday (June 20).

Kota Samarahan District police chief DSP Lee Chong Chern said the landlord, a 71-year-old businessman from Jalan Stampin, lodged a police report at 4.15pm after he came across a foul smell coming from inside the room.

The deceased has been identified as Il Gantika, 42, from Cianjur, Bandung who is believed to have succumbed to an illness.

“At the scene, police had to force the door open, as it was locked from the inside. There, they discovered the decaying body of the deceased on the floor,” Lee said in a statement.

A forensic team later revealed that no physical bruises or injuries were visible on the deceased’s body.

“Inside the room, police found the deceased’s passport and personal belongings such as two handphones, jewelry, cash amounting to RM1,272 as well as other foreign currencies,” he added.

Investigations also revealed that the deceased was staying alone at the rented room and had recently resigned from her job as a waitress at a nearby coffeeshop due to health reasons.

Police also found a bag containing various medicines which will be handed over to the Sarawak General Hospital for identification.

The police’s forensic team concluded their investigation at the scene at 8.30pm. No weapons were found inside the room.

“As there were no signs of criminal element, the case has been classified as sudden death pending the result of the postmortem report,” Lee added.

A total of eight tenants including the deceased were renting the rooms at the commercial apartment.

One of the tenants told police that he smelt a stench coming from inside the room but brushed it aside as he thought that it was a “dead rat”.

The landlord also told police that he came across a pail that was left outside the deceased’s room on June 16, which he said was filled with urine.

It was also said that the deceased was married to a local man and they were last seen together on May 29.