Thursday, November 21

SEB incurs huge losses due to vandalism, theft


A vandalised transformer, with its copper pieces missing. File Photo

KUCHING: Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) has incurred losses amounting to RM5.5 million due to 310 property theft and vandalism cases between 2017 and 2019.

Assistant Minister of Rural Electricity Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi said vandalism of electricity equipment was among topics that should be seriously looked into. It was in fact discussed at the recent State Utility Taskforce Committee Meeting recently in view of the frequent vandalism cases happening in the state, which caused milllions of ringit in losses to Sarawak Energy and the local councils.

He said that electricity infrastructure were sometimes destroyed on purpose, or stolen, and if vandalism persisted, everyone would be at the losing end.

“Apart from other classifications of equipment/structure losses, another that is always vandalised are the transformers by the roadsides all over the state.

“The same goes to equipment stolen from lamp posts, which have just been installed. For example, the road that leads to a site supposedly for the Federal Administration Centre, it is in darkness at night because the lamp posts along that road have always been vandalised eventhough we have replaced them three times,” he said.