Wednesday, January 22

53 illegals detained in Tawau


The illegal immigrants being detained after the screening process.

TAWAU: A ‘rumah kongsi’ or shared quarters in Merotai was raided by police in an Integrated Special Operation targeting illegal immigrants in the district over the weekend.

A total of 29 men and 24 women were detained from the total number of 124 people who were rounded-up and screened.

After documentation screening, those who failed to show valid travel documents to enter the country or work permits were detained.

Tawau district police chief, ACP Peter AK Umbuas said the police are aware that many criminal cases involve illegal immigrants, and this situation has caused concern and dissatisfaction among the community. Therefore, such operations will always be implemented and continued to curb crime from time to time and ensure the peace in the district of Tawau.

The operation was also participated by the General Operations Force Batallion 14, Police Volunteers and the Immigration Department.