Friday, June 5

Council urged to generate extra revenue to offset deficit


Seated from second left: Sufian, Dr. Abdul Rahman, Hasbi, Paulus with the councillors who will end their service on June 30.

LIMBANG: The Limbang District Council (LDC) needs to explore more revenue generation projects to offset the deficit of RM1.2 million this year.

In making the call, Assistant Minister of Agriculture Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail said LDC is projected to incur further deficit of RM900,000 next year.

Thus, he urged LDC, besides improving its efficiency in collecting assessment rates and service taxes, to explore tourism- based projects like hotels and homestay.

“The Sarawak government plans to collaborate with Brunei to promote the Gulf of Brunei by providing tourist boats to the area.

“Thus LDC can take the lead in building a resort including homestay facilities to increase revenue, similar to that implemented in Sebuyau,” he said when met by the media at the LDC Councillors Appreciation Gathering yesterday.

Also present were Limbang MP Hasbi Habibollah, Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang, Walikota LDC Sufian Mohat and heads of other government departments as well as councillors. Dr Abdul Rahman, who is also the Bukit Kota assemblyman, added under the proposed Sarawak- Brunei joint venture, a road will be built to Kuala Limbang River in Ranggau.

He said among other feasible projects that the council could explore are developing infrastructure, industrial service and also setting up homestay at the famous Gunung Buda.

He is confident that the tourism sector has great potential in generating income for LDC.

Meanwhile, Dr Abdul Rahman reminded rate payers of their responsibility in paying their assessment and service taxes to LDC, adding that the money collected is needed for efficient service delivery to the community.

Earlier, Sufian said the term for the present 32 councillors will end on June 30.

In thanking them, he said the councillors had done their best in planning besides implementing income-generation services and projects for the council to provide services to the community.