Tuesday, January 28

Suspected drug abuser remanded for three days


MIRI : A man arrested on suspicion of being involved in a drug abuse was ordered by a magistrate’s court here to be remanded for three days.

The order was issued by Lower Court Registrar, Nuur Hafiza Yatim after allowing a remand application from the investigating officer Sergeant Muhammad Rasjidi Saari.

In his application, Rasjidi said acting on information received, a team of police from the Narcotic Crime Investigation Department (NCID) Miri led by Insp. Mohamed Basheer A.G Sulaiman raided a house at Jalan Piasau Jaya 1F.

During the raid, the police detained a man at the back of the house on suspicion of his involvement in drug abuse.

The police found a transparent plastic packet with nine tubes of yellow straws, each containing crystal substances believe to be methamphetamine with a gross weight of 2.3 grammes, on the sofa where the suspect was sitting.

The result of a urine test on the man was positive.

Following that, the items believed to be drugs were seized and the suspect was arrested according to Section 12 (2) and Section 15 (1) (a) of the Dangerous Drug Act (DDA) 1952 for using and being in possession of dangerous drug.

In his application, Rasjidi said a four-day remand according to Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code was needed on the 42-year-old suspect from Piasau Jaya here to enable the police complete their investigation paper.

However, the court only allowed a three-day remand on the suspect which ends tomorrow.