Saturday, October 19

Call to investigate group collecting ‘investments’ from Beluran villagers


A copy of the voucher offering the free holiday.

KOTA KINABALU: A group of ‘businessmen’ have come to a village and encouraged villagers to invest RM300 monthly for three years with promise of lucrative returns.

This has raised the concern and suspicion of a villager from Kampung Tagas-Tagas Beluran who contacted The Borneo Post recently and shared a picture of a signed ‘receipt’ filled by one of the investors in the village.

“With the increasing number of news on scammers nowadays, I just want to voice out my concern over this matter as I felt that something was amiss and not right.

“The receipt was printed on a normal paper and the stamp chopped on the receipt shows the name of an insurance company.

“I was told that villagers were asked to pay RM300 monthly for three consecutive years after which they will get returns of RM20,000,” the man said, adding that he has the name and contact number of the person, but requested that his name is not published for safety reasons.

According to the man, all investors would be entitled for three days of free holiday as an appreciation for their investment.

“The locations of the free holiday are in Kundasang, Langkawi, Penang or Kuala Lumpur. The other matter that raises suspicion of this group is the fact that they are encouraging the investors to find more downline investors,” the man said.

He is hoping that by exposing this activity to the media, the relevant authority will look into the matter which is currently active in the Beluran district.